PGR is textile and fiber artist Jamie Tubbs. Her love for textiles and repurposing came from her matriarchs- Nancy, Barbara, Josetta, Clara. These women were quilters, seamstresses, knitters, crocheters, expert zero wasters. She grew up around textiles and stepping on dropped pins, surrounded by colorful fabric scraps, pattern paper remnants, trim and bobbins and buttons always available. 

Jamie's super power is experimenting with repurposed materials. Her love for interiors is expressed in her "looms", which she designs around a space real or imagined to provide large scale, textural focal points. She loves to create work that elevates reuse and thoughtfully becomes part of a larger story of a designed interior. 

Her conceptual work uses meaningful materials and techniques to provoke discussion around issues of class, gender and race.

Jamie Tubbs in Chicago, IL on Houzz