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Hello! I'm Jamie.

Thanks for checking out my art. I started weaving because I wanted to play with fabrics to make huge, textural art for people's walls. I've always been drawn to making things and texture, but when I started manipulating fabric to create wall art it really clicked. I had no idea other people do things like this and I've been so excited to learn about fiber art, fiber sculpture and the amazing variety of fiber and textile arts as I grow my own practice. 

I've just started using my work to process things I'm navigating internally and communicate my discoveries through my work. As a young adult I had a spiritual experience of feeling full acceptance and unconditional love. For 16 years I thought the best way to communicate those transcendent ideas was through a career in ministry.  I found myself consistently frustrated by a platform that held no space for critique of it's systems, rest, and honest reciprocal relationships with people who thought differently. Only since starting this work with fiber and understanding more about art have I found the platform that makes the most sense for me. I'm super grateful to make beautiful and meaningful work for people's homes. I feel like I'm just getting started. 


Questions I Often Receive


What's up with the name? 
PGR is a character I created out of 3 archetypes that describe me and my work in some way.  PGR is part Robot, which is where she gets her minimal, deconstructed way of looking at weaving and restricted color palettes and shapes at times. I came to art and weaving without an education in either and sometimes it feels like my approach can be literal and child like, the way a robot might interpret weaving from a binary mind- break it down into ones and zeros and then apply those elements to solve for x,. The Gypsy archetype refers to a nomadic, free-spirited collector. A gypsy is resourceful and wastes little. This part of the PGR character represents a celebration of reuse, prints, patterns, color, texture, global eclecticism, and an identification with people who are resourceful out of necessity. The spirit of a gypsy is creative, expressive, unrestricted, and in touch with the earth around her. A Prophet is someone who tells a divine message. To me, the consistent message is this: Love is the only rule. That outlook hopefully comes through me and my work regularly, both intentionally and naturally. My little robot character had to be one who speaks her mind and her message because that's me. 

How did you learn/start this?

I have always been a maker, and grew up in a home where making, DIY and "from scratch" weren't terms we really used because it was just normal. For example, there was a time I didn't know mac and cheese and brownies could come in boxes, or that you could pay someone to change your oil. In high school I was very spiritual (still am) and the adults in my life advised me to get a rather academic bachelor of arts in Christian Ministry. So I did that, and left with my soul a bit shriveled up. In hindsight I see how I was desperately incorporating making and creativity and art into everything I was doing over those years, and that I have always been most fulfilled when creating. While volunteering for a church, I asked if I could make a large art piece for the empty walls in their rented industrial space in the West Loop. I had visions of repurposing materials, going really large scale, referencing loom weaving, hand-dying materials and creating a highly textural art piece for the bare space. I made that piece and was hooked on the process and results, so I just kept going, pausing for other creative projects until making it my official "job" in 2017. 

How do I order a custom piece? 

Send me an email at jamie@prophetgypsyrobot.com. We'll set up a time for a design consult to talk about materials, colors and style and look at the space where you want to use your art. I'll follow up with a quote. My production time is about 6-8 weeks from the time a deposit is received. 

How do I clean my artwork? 

Woven textile and fiber pieces can be easily cleaned with a lint roller or the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner. If there are any repairs or more detailed cleaning needed, I'd be glad to service your piece for you at a nominal fee.