Large scale fiber art made from sustainably sourced materials with a drive for beautiful environments.



Why Fiber Art? 


Textile and Fiber art are not only universal and historical, but gorgeous and practical. Care and cleaning are as simple as using an upholstery attachment or a lint roller to pick up dust. As wall art, the fiber piece does not receive the wear and tear that a rug or furniture piece would. 

Sustainable Practice

I am inspired by elevating reuse to become not only a smart design idea, but a beautiful one. I believe sustainable practices are the design of the future and evoke a level of beauty and harmony that can only be experienced when we create within a give and take relationship with the world around us.  


My favorite way to create art is with a specific environment in mind. I have a simple order process and will gladly work with you  to create a piece for your space. Email me to find out more!